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Terms and Conditions

Under this Terms and Conditions page TarpHaus will collectively and entirely outline the terms of use of our Website and products to you (being the end user).

Please read these Terms of Use before the use of the Website and ordering.  By using our website and products, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by TarpHaus’s Terms of Use.  If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use or access our website.

Website Access

TarpHaus may collect information on our website when you login and access our website through cookies.  You, the end user, may be asked to provide your information to TarpHaus (further referred to in this document as “us” or “we”), in different documents such as checkout forms, referrals, testimonials, reviews, etc.  We may use this information for our internal use for product ordering and inventory, marketing and occasional targeted emails to our customers.  You can always choose to opt out of these marketing campaigns by clicking on the opt out link at the bottom of the email you receive, TarpHaus will always consent to your privacy.  TarpHaus will not sell your information to outside companies for any reason.

Pricing and Website Errors

TarpHaus reserves the right to amend, withdrawal or change the website or this policy at any time without notice.  We will not be held liable for any reason if the website or any part of the website is unavailable or under construction for any time.  While TarpHaus reserves the right to change prices at any time and without notice, we may not be liable for any pricing errors (product or shipping pricing errors). If any are found while processing your order, TarpHaus reserves the right to cancel or charge the difference in the pricing error.  We may send you a corrected invoice to pay the difference in the price if we deem it is justifiable while updating the price online.  You may opt out and cancel your order at anytime prior to shipping if a pricing error is found and you do not agree to pay the difference.  TarpHaus will refund your full amount paid to original form of payment. 

Unlawful Use of Website is available to use for its intended purposes.  Upon reading and agreeing to the Terms of Use you agree to use the website lawfully and for its intended purposes.  You hereby agree that you will not use our website in a manner that violates any applicable international, federal, state or local law or regulation and includes any export laws.  This includes the following: to exploit, harm, or attempt to exploit or harm minors in any way; or to send, knowingly receive, upload, download, use, or re-use any material that does not comply with the Content Standards detailed in our Terms of Use.  You cannot use our website to transmit, or procure the sending of, anu advertising or promotional material, including any junk mail, spam, chain letter, or any other similar solicitation materials.  You may not take over or impersonate or attempt to impersonate a TarpHaus employee, former employee, customer, or another user or TarpHaus, or any other entity related to TarpHaus to cause harm, defame or cause them liability to TarpHaus.

Additional restrictions in which you may not use our website and are in violation of our Terms and Conditions.  Using the website in any way that disables, damages or interferes with the operation of it.   You may not copy or use any manuals or materials on our website without written or prior authorized consent by TarpHaus.  You may not launch any malicious software, viruses, worms, trojan horses, or any other malicious or harmful technological material on our website, all punishable by local or federal laws. 

Terms and Conditions on Products

All Products sold by TarpHaus are new unless otherwise stated on advertisement, website, email, phone, etc.  Some products, even though new, may have some slight scuff or marks on them from shipping from vendors or overseas containers and TarpHaus has no control over that.  While TarpHaus ensures that all products sold are in new condition and have never been used (unless otherwise stated), you may receive a product that is slightly different than shown on the website due to lighting, pixelating, color correcting, photoshopping, etc.  You acknowledge by using the website and these terms and conditions that you recognize that the colors and slight conditions may be different.  If you receive something that impairs the ability of the product to perform its intended function, I.E. webbing on winch strap has tears when received, please call and email us immediately upon receipt and put that product out of commission, do not use it.  We will not replace any product for differences in variances of colors from dyes from batch to batch, from other slight imperfections due to manufacture assembly or shipping.  We only cover defects in the products.

Warranty Policy

TarpHaus understands that all products will experience normal wear and tear and we will not cover warranty claims for these reasons.  If your product is received in a state of a manufacture defect or you have a defective part within 90 days of receiving your order, please call or email our company with photographs and a brief description of what is happening, and we will investigate your claims.  Most warranty claims will be answered within 24-48 business hours of submission.  TarpHaus partners with domestic vendors and from time to time the warranty claims may have to pass through our Vendors and will take longer than normal processing times.  TarpHaus will make the decision to either refund or replace your defective product after investigation and conversation with the customer.

Chargeback or Fraudulent Transactions

While purchasing from TarpHaus you may use any payment method we accept, and in doing so you acknowledge that the said funds are available for immediate withdrawal to cover your full purchase amount.  If for any reason, your payment method comes back as a NSF or chargeback, TarpHaus will immediately charge a $75 recovery fee, along with your purchase price and any other fees associated to recover our products lost (not limited to shipping charges, return shipping charges, attorney fees, research fees, court fees, etc.).  You agree with this clause and buy purchasing with TarpHaus that we can recover all assets lost with your returned payment.   

If you knowingly commit a fraudulent transaction with TarpHaus, you may be subjected to any and all local and federal laws and penalties in your state.  We will not tolerate any fraud and will cancel all orders we suspect to be fraud, unless they can be proven otherwise.  If by chance, an order does pass through, and you knowingly defraud our company, you will be liable for the amount of the order and all court, attorney and any other charges that may arise during the filing of our case against you.  By clicking the check out button you agree to these terms and conditions.

Hold Harmless Clause

By purchasing any product/s sold and distributed by TarpHaus, you, the consumer, understand the application of these products.  Any misuse of/or negligence that may arise during the use, in connection, or application of these products, are not the sole liabilities of TarpHaus or anyone who works for TarpHaus.  The purchaser of said products sold by TarpHaus shall defend, indemnify, and hold TarpHaus harmless from and against all liabilities, claims and demands that may arias out of or in connection with such misuse or application of any product.


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