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A Comprehensive Guide: Different Types of Straps for Secure Cargo | TarpHaus Selection

A Comprehensive Guide: Different Types of Straps for Secure Cargo | TarpHaus Selection

In today's ultimate guide to truck straps, we're diving deep into the world of cargo securement with the gurus of tie-downs. Learn how these straps become the unsung heroes in safely ferrying your prized packages to their destination and tackle the most common trucking strap queries.

As the online shopping saga skyrockets, the pressure cooker for shipping orders heats up. And guess what? It's all about the safe passage of these packages to their awaiting customers. Within the strict rules of the United States Department of Transportation, the urgency to ship quickly merges with the necessity to ship safely.

So, what's the solution to this colossal problem? Enter the scene: reliable tie-down straps. These straps are your ticket to secure cargo transport, ensuring that your load stays in place, not overshooting the Working Load Limit (WLL). The WLL? It's that crucial boundary to prevent your cargo and sanity from falling apart if you need to slam those brakes or make a sudden lane change.

Ever counted the debris on highways? Quite a lot, right? That's the aftermath of unsafe cargo securement practices. And here's the kicker: buying those cheap straps may seem like a deal, but they're often flimsy, with hooks that love bending or snapping after a mere handful of uses. It's like adding insult to injury – you've got to buy proper ones on top of the worthless cheapos.

The secret sauce? Investing in reputable straps! These bad boys, when treated right and kept away from sharp edges, can stick around for a good three years. That's a smart move to save your pocket and keep insurance claims at bay. Remember, quality straps are the real MVPs here, helping you navigate the roads of safety and sanity without breaking a sweat!

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps – ratchet straps is by far the most popular type of tie-down straps on the market and are used for a wide variety of different tie down cargo control securement. What makes Ratchet straps such a great tool for the professional trucking industry is the ability to custom make the perfect ratchet strap with a wide variety of different hardware, hooks, length of webbing, the width of polyester tie down webbing, and a complete line of different stenciling capabilities to make the strap exactly how you want it.

Ratchet Straps are available in 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4-inch polyester tie-down webbing that creates a wide range of working load limits to fit your cargos correct working load limit rating that you need in order to stay safe.

Winch Straps

Winch straps: They're like the beefed-up cousins of your average ratchet straps, with their hefty ratchet alone tipping the scales at over 8 pounds! These bad boys come in 3-inch and 4-inch widths of polyester tie-down webbing, ensuring Hulk-level strength to secure those mega-heavy loads on the road. Even though they boast higher working load limits than your regular ratchet straps, it's always wise to team up with at least four of these straps. Think of them as your cargo's bodyguards—ready for those surprise lane changes or unexpected load dance moves while you're cruising!

E-Track Straps

E Track Straps - these buddies are the stars when it comes to E Track rails. Picture these straps as the ultimate hook-and-loop duo that partners up with rails running all over your tractor-trailer, providing a gazillion securement points from every nook and cranny. E Track rails can sport anywhere between 15 to 60 securement spots (yeah, it's that impressive!), allowing you to lock down your cargo from every angle. These straps don't just stick to the walls, they're vertical too! That means more trailer space put to good use, fewer trips, quicker securing, and most importantly, saving those trucking fleets some hard-earned cash.

Cam Buckle Straps:

Cam Buckle Straps - the smooth operators of the strap world. These unique straps give you the power to secure as tightly as you want, all with the strength of your bare hands. Forget about over-tightening—these straps won't let you wreck your cargo with an accidental Hulk move. They're the go-to for precious cargo, delicate items, and those surfaces that cringe at the sight of a ratchet strap. With a buffet of hardware options - from S Hooks to Wire hooks to E Track Fittings - these straps can adapt to fit any securing needs you throw their way. 

Discover a world of options at TarpHaus! Our extensive collection of straps caters to every cargo need imaginable. Whether it's Ratchet Straps, Cam Buckle Straps, E Track Straps, or a host of other varieties, we've got the perfect fit for your hauling requirements. Explore our range now and find the ideal strap that ensures your cargo stays secure on the road!


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